Tending Your Trust

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Tending Your Trust
by Starcat

We each have trust that our life will move forward and that we are making progress, at least in some aspects of it. On a very basic level, you trust that your heart will continue to beat and that you will continue to breathe, and with some exceptions, that’s what happens. Some of us trust the flow of our financial security, even as we fret and worry about our relationships. Others have faith that our health will continue to be good, although we may try to control each step of our career path.

Think about it for a moment, and you’ll realize you already know the areas of your life where you could stand to let go and have a bit more faith. Perhaps there are some big dreams you have, but you’ve been too afraid to follow them. You might just need to practice trust.

The challenge is, how will you know that things will work out all right? The answer: you don’t.

But there are some reassurances that tending your trust will bring positive results. First of all, figure out what it is you fear. If you decide to let go and trust, what’s the worst that could happen? Do you fear that you’ll fail? That you’ll regret not taking charge? That you’ll lose your loved ones, your home, your car? That you’ll die?

Yet here you are in this moment, very much alive. Everything you’ve done, all the decisions you’ve made up to this point have brought you to where you are, right here deciding where you want to go next.

Which brings us to the next reassurance, one I learned from Seth, a non-physical being channeled through Jane Roberts. It is simply this: “the point of power is in the present.” This means that the past and future are secondary concerns. Here in this moment, you have the power to create change in your life. When you tend your trust, you’re putting aside negative things from the past or worries about the future that can adversely affect the outcome, and instead focusing on your goals and dreams.

Creating change means taking inspired action. If you stay where you are, you won’t necessarily fail, but neither will you make any progress. From the present moment, meditate on where you want to go, and then listen to your intuition. When you’re inspired with an idea, follow through. And most importantly, trust that you’re on the path to success. Sure, you will likely need to make some adjustments along the way. You can trust that you’ll know what they are when the time comes.

Tending your trust, particularly in terms of your most cherished dreams, will support you in making them come true – and in having a whole lot of fun in the process!

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