Synchronicity: Signs from the Universe

Synchronicity: Signs from the Universe
by BlackLion and Starcat

Being aware of synchronicities is a way of being in tune with the Universe, of staying on track. They are, in effect, “signs” from the Universe, giving you feedback on your life’s journey. When you are “in the flow,” letting your energy and intuition guide you, you’ll notice more of these meaningful coincidences and serendipitous circumstances in your everyday life. Take these signs as the Universe saying “good job,” and use them as a tool to help you find the right direction to proceed along your Path.

One way the Universe presents this advice to you is the repeating patterns or themes that you notice throughout your day. Is someone having a conversation with you about a subject you just heard on a radio program or that you read about in the newspaper that morning? Perhaps you see different animals, which have many symbolic meanings, crossing your path. These patterns are ways for the Universe to subtly get you thinking in a different way.

If you’re seeking advice or input on a particular situation, you can check in with the Universe, using signs in an intentional way. Go for a walk and think about your problem or decision for the first few minutes. Then clear your mind, and as you walk, notice what is happening around you. Seeing a lot of red flowers and birds along your way could mean “stop,” or don’t pursue the choice you were favoring. This natural type of divination can often provide insights that you might miss when doing a traditional Tarot or rune reading.

If you feel that you’re not in the flow, or that you’ve been blocking the messages that the Universe is sending, how do you get back in tune? One basic way is to simply pay attention. Notice what is going on around you as you move through your day. What birds or animals do you see? What is the weather like? What are the people around you talking about or reading? If you catch a glimpse of someone’s TV or hear a snippet of sound from a car stereo, what pictures and sounds are you encountering? Do some free association, playing with the words and images. See how they might relate to projects or situations in your life.

Maybe you are already on your Path and doing well. Are you noticing that the tools and people that you may need are continually crossing your path? Or perhaps when you are almost at the end of your rope or on the verge of frustration, the events around you seem to work in your favor, just in the nick of time. If you are not normally conscious of these signs, then perhaps now is a good time to give thanks and offerings to the Universe for helping you out when you least expect it.

Being in tune with who you are also means that you are more in tune with the Universe and the subtle and blatant energies all around you. Attune yourself to your surroundings, all beings and all things. Paying attention to all the energies around you and within you is one of the best ways to move forward on your path.