Success Comes From Within

Success Comes From Within
by BlackLion

Imagine living the life of your dreams. Feel the emotions that run through you as you experience what you have always wanted to do. Let the energy flow through you as you float in this blissful vision. This feeling is you being aligned with your higher self, your eternal, loving, divine source.

A deep sense of purpose drives those who succeed. We each find within ourselves powerful yearnings to create and change ourselves and the world. You have the power, right now, to transform your life. The most important step you can take right now to further your life’s dreams is the next one. Each moment you get to choose what you focus on. Take a deep breath and find what energy is calling for your attention.

When you feel truly inspired and excited about any task, you gladly move forward. You ease into the flow of life and are transported to your dreams by simply focusing on what feels best in the moment. To hear that voice more clearly, be mindful of the present moment and know that obstacles are simply lessons to learn from.

If you get bogged down in your mind, simply meditate or do yoga to reconnect with your spiritual source. Take the energy and enthusiasm that you have, for whatever subject brings you joy, and take the next step, however small. The only way to get anywhere is to keep going. Of course you can take a rest when your body needs a break. Yet remember to return to your path when you are once again rejuvenated. Going with the flow is as easy as feeling really good and taking actions in that positive space.