Students In the School of Earth (Excerpt)

Working with the Law of Attraction (LOA) to create the life of your dreams is supposed to feel easy and fun – but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be challenges, or that it won’t feel like work to do your LOA practices. That’s the paradox.

The thing is, there’s a whole lot of STUFF that you’ve put in your way, blocking you from seeing how simple it is to actually live in alignment with this universal law.

It’s not a problem or a fault or a mistake that you’ve placed those obstacles there. Actually, being on this Earth plane is like taking a masters-level college course. We are here to learn more and to do better, with the wisdom we uncover along the way.

The very fact that you are drawn to reading about this topic now means that you are ready, on a new level, to begin breaking down those blocks that keep you from realizing your most cherished dreams.

The way that you go about breaking down the barricades will vary from person to person. Some of us take a wrecking ball to them, vigorously smashing the things that we feel are holding us back. Others will choose to become like a liquid and flow around them, or turn our backs on them and set off through the forest, forging an entirely new path. Others will choose to chip away at these blocks with a chisel, slowly and deliberately carving a path, or even stopping to make a gorgeous sculpture from what once felt like an impossible barrier.

The “how,” as author Mike Dooley often reminds us, doesn’t truly matter.

The two things that will best serve you as you move forward are these:
1. intention, and
2. inspired action.

Setting an intention to work more closely with the LOA and to practice it in your daily life is the first step. This is the homework part – although it’s a lot more fun than most of the homework you get in school, plus you get to pick the subject matter.

We suggest choosing one or two practices, from this website or perhaps from one of the Abraham-Hicks books, which contain many suggested processes and games.

Next, choose a specific length of time during which you’ll practice. Consider it an experiment. Our suggested length of time is at least a month, as that will give you time to establish it as a habit in your brain and your life.

Next comes the inspired action part. As you practice your chosen tool or process, the effects will soon begin to ripple outward into your daily life. You’ll receive inspired ideas or thoughts that pop into your mind at seemingly random times. This is the voice of your Deep Self coming through. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take action.

If these inspirations come in the form of a huge project, like starting a non-profit to clean up the oceans or buying a horse farm, then break it down into smaller chunks. You can take these chunks and break them down further and further, until you have a list of baby steps. Baby steps are actions you can take in a short frame of time, from 5 minutes to a half-hour or so.

Next, begin taking those steps. If you have very full days and a lot on your plate, schedule the baby steps in. That’s why they are so short.

When you’re just getting started with taking inspired actions toward your dreams, fitting in work that takes 30 minutes or less feels more doable than hours on end. Put them in your calendar and treat them like you would an important appointment. They are! They’re appointments with your best life!

What type of baby steps are we talking about? Often the best steps to begin with include talking to someone about your inspired idea.

This is better than doing research on your computer or phone, though having a worldwide library at your fingertips is a blessing. When you talk to another human being and seek their assistance with your project, you’re not only doing productive research, you’re also reaching beyond your fears and bringing that person’s awareness – and their Deep Self – to your project.

This enables your desire to come to life, even more quickly than it would have as an idea in the back of your mind or a document on your laptop. Remember that sharing your project is also an inspired action, so share with those who inspire rather than tear down.

In the book The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, one of the main insights is about the messages we carry for one another. When you seek input on your dream, you’re activating the power of the Universe. You’ll attract to you the very people who have resources and messages intended just for you, and you’re delivering vital messages to them as well, even when you don’t consciously know what those messages might be.

You’re working with the tides of energy.

Another good reason for involving fellow creators in your inspired action is accountability. Often we receive inspired actions from our higher selves, start to move toward them, and then falter. We give up on our project or idea before it’s really gotten much momentum.

By reaching out to someone else and involving them, even if only at a basic level, we’re establishing accountability. Chances are, especially if the person or people you choose care about you and your idea, they’ll check back in with you on how it’s going. We’re hard-wired to be community-minded, even the introverts among us. If you know that someone besides you has an interest in what you’re doing, you’ll have more motivation to follow through.

We would caution you to choose your co-creators mindfully. If you have people in your life who tend to be overly cautious, skeptical, or pessimistic, don’t reach out to them first – even if they have expertise in the topic you’re focused on.

You want people who are excited and passionate, or at least open-minded, about new ideas. Maybe your pessimistic expert friend would have colleagues to refer you to, instead. Set up a coffee chat with a couple of those folks and see whose energy resonates best with you.

Remember, you get to choose who to work with, and how. The Universe will offer you a buffet of options, and you can pick your favorites. Cool, huh?

Involve other human beings in your baby steps as you take inspired actions. We’re all fellow students in this school of life.

This blog post is an excerpt from our forthcoming book, with the working title LOA and the Tides of Life. Look for it in November 2019!

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