Stride and Shine

Shine!Stride and Shine
by BlackLion

Do you ever feel like there is something more to life? Have you felt the urge to escape the rat-race and find a way to shine your beautiful light? Does the thought of changing your current way of life seem daunting, overwhelming, or uncertain? We’ve all been there (or are still there), yet there is an out. Yay!

The other day I had been working at my computer for a few hours in a row and dusk was beginning to appear. I decided to go for a walk. As I started to get the kinks out of my shoulders and legs, I had the urge to just walk for walking’s sake. I began to focus on my breathing and let every footfall be as perfect as it could be.

Sure, my back gave some protest briefly, and one calf was a little tight, yet I did the best I could. Then, it became something different. Instead of going for a walk, I was going for a stride. My body began to become one with the rhythm of the steps and I simply was moving forward without concern about the diminishing protests of my stiff body. I was striding with confidence forward into the night, complete in the moment.

As a metaphor, it became clear that as I became one with the stride, I was totally in tune with the present moment, my point of power. Whether you are physically striding, or feeling confident in what you are doing in the moment, your uniqueness shines through. By focusing on being present, no matter the task or project, you’ll find your own personal point of power in the now.

To get back to where you are right now, how can you find this point of power, especially with all the possible distractions and responsibilities you are experiencing in your life? Breathe. Acknowledge that you may have trepidations, restrictions, or kinks in the neck yet these are simply what they are and not a condemnation or recrimination on what is important to you. They are signposts pointing you toward where you want to go (or maybe where you ought not to go).

Attuning to your spiritual self through mindfulness meditations, walking meditations, or simply focusing on your breath will allow you to escape the usual ego-driven self-doubt and worrisome thoughts. Be bold and follow your intuition, even if it may feel uncomfortable to start, because you know that what truly inspires you is way more important than the doldrums of a “normal” life.

Stride confidently forward into the bright shine of your spiritual gifts. If you do not share your unique gifts, no one will ever know what they have been missing! Bless us with your insights and spiritual genius, making the world a brighter place. You can do it!

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