Stepping into Your Future

Stepping into Your Future
by BlackLion

When you think of it, spare a thought for what you like about yourself. Make a date with yourself by going to a place you have never been before but always wanted to. Or, return to a familiar place where you can be with yourself. Find a place that is relaxing, joyful, and helps you connect with your source.

As you continue to take steps into your dreams, what would be the next best thing that could pop into your life? Find something so simple, you could mistake it for a coincidence. Think of something that would be quite a bit of luck. A comment about the sparkle in your eye, or the way you tell a joke. Perhaps a purple hat will catch your eye, or a stuffed unicorn appears out of nowhere.

All of these playful actions and thoughts lead you towards your future. When you pre-pave your future with blessings, gratitude, and joie de vivre, your life is filled with great friends, joyful experiences, and a hop in your step. You create your life on your own terms, and the world wants to share in your creation. Enjoy each step with grace along your trail.

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