Staying Connected to Spirit in Daily Life

Staying Connected to Spirit in Daily Life
by Starcat

Does this ever happen to you? Your spiritual intentions are solid. You spent the weekend getting clear about your goals, doing some yoga, and finding your center. Then Monday comes, and all of it seems to go right out the window. By evening, you’re ready to collapse. You’re overwhelmed and tired from work, chores, bills, phone calls, worries, and lists. You wonder whatever happened to your deep connection with spirit.

How can you stay connected with spirit during the often chaotic ups and downs of daily life? You might already have the understanding and the tools to get connected, but sometimes the key is remembering to tune in, even when you’re busy with physical-world tasks. Here are some tips to help remind you to pause regularly and get centered.

  • Stoplights. When you’re driving and you come to a red light, take a few slow, deliberate, deep breaths. Let go of whatever you were thinking or daydreaming about and come fully into the present moment.
  • Vibes. Vibe first, then act. This means that if you focus on the feeling you want to experience, before taking any action, your results are much more likely to be what you want. This works especially well when you’re feeling upset and you want to do something to “fix” it. Turn it around – sit quietly, letting your mood gently flow and shift, before taking any active steps or making any decisions.
  • Clocks. Whenever you glance at a digital clock, notice the patterns of numbers and let them be a reminder to feel grateful. Whenever I see 2:22 or 1:23 or the like, I pause and think of at least one thing I’m thankful for in that moment.
  • Segments. Abraham teaches a process called “segment intending.” Each time you’re about to transition to a new activity – answering the phone, going in to an appointment or meeting, starting a new project on your computer – stop and set a simple intention for the next segment of time. Let the energy of that intention (peace, success, creativity, or whatever you’ve chosen) carry you through the activity.
  • Silence. We are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of noise and input that surrounds us at all times. Build breaks into your day when there is a bit of silence, space where your spirit can stretch out and perhaps whisper to you. Go outside and walk around. Shut your door and sit in stillness for five minutes. Even just an extended bathroom break, where you splash some water on your face and lotion your hands mindfully, can become an oasis of silence in the middle of an otherwise hectic day. Get some breathing space.