Spiritual Balancing Act

Spiritual Balancing Act
by BlackLion

I often find myself arriving at moments of choice, making a decision on whether I will continue to follow my spiritual path or step off and try something different. Each time, I eventually decide that I made the right decision in that moment. I grow and expand as a person by emulating my spirit.

Sometimes, I’m just bored. I forget what it’s like to feel joyful. Yet, each time, I find my way back to balance – my life flowing with my spirit. I sometimes meditate, do yoga, or simply become mindful of the present. Once I am centered again, I can make choices in line with my beliefs.

When you are focused on being in spirit, how does it feel? What ideas and thoughts come to mind? Record your inspirations on paper, video, or voice. Share it however you feel comfortable, perhaps as a journal or blog of your experiences. Reinforce these lessons by looking back periodically.

Staying in spiritual balance is simply a matter of practice. Do your practice whenever you remember. Be thankful for what you have learned while you go off-roading. As you expand your spiritual practice, you’ll notice more and more contributors to your joyful experience. Life offers more and you’ll observe the positive love that your spirit gives graciously.