Sowing the Seeds of a New Spiritual Practice


Gracefully flow into your passion.

Sowing the Seeds of a New Spiritual Practice
by BlackLion

Whenever you begin a new spiritual practice, perhaps one inspired from a book, podcast or video, making a place for this new energy can be a challenge, especially with so many other beings in the world flashing for your attention. Deciding to commit to a new practice will help make a place in your experience for it.

Here is a path to a deeper connection with yourself, your spirit, and living them simultaneously:

Observe. Take 5-15 minutes each day for solitary inner contemplation. Try this just before getting out of bed and sensing your surroundings, letting the liminal space guide you toward a more integrated dream-awake cycle. The centeredness of yoga or the imagery of a guided meditation can guide you to digging deep into your own self-awareness. Gain more clarity with each inner journey.

Account. Keep a journal or regular schedule to include your new spiritual practice. Being accountable to yourself by using reminders and consistency will help integrate your new way of being. When you first begin to change your ways, be gentle with yourself. Allow the transition to be graceful and joyful rather than filled with recrimination or guilt. Approaching life’s constant changes with kindness will ease you onto the next step of your path.

Passion. Enthusiasm goes a long way into establishing a new daily paradigm. What were the reasons you wanted to add this new practice into your life? What are the benefits? How do you envision your life getting better because of it? Finding the best aspects of your new spiritual practice will encourage you to keep up your intentions when challenges inevitably arise. Gracefully flow into your passion.

Remember. Of course we get busy now and again, and usually the first things to go are the promises we keep to ourselves. Instead, read back through your journal at the great revelations you received form your practice. Recall the deep connection and serenity of fulfilling your intentions and vows. Now take that powerful energy back into regular practice and remember.

Inspire. Take the new insights of spiritual guidance and roll with it. As you allow your imagination and inspiration to blossom, your life will change in wondrous and unexpected ways. Instead of showing off your new practice, perhaps just showing up and being present will make the most of every situation. Inspiration flows where intention goes.

Return. If you find yourself neglecting or otherwise ignoring your practice, what are some of the thoughts and emotions coming up? From where you are right now, what would be the best way to return to your self-development? Take the time to replenish and forgive while getting back into the swing of your ever-changing spiritual practice.

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