Solving Self-Created Problems

The mind is a problem-solving machine. So much so that if it can’t find any problems to solve, it will start looking for them. That’s part of the reason that we worry. We can be going along, having a fun or interesting day, and then a bill comes in the mail, or we listen to a news report, or we hear from a friend about something another friend said. Suddenly, there’s a problem.

Although the mind seems to enjoy the process of solving these (often self-created) problems, our emotions get attached to them as well. We start to feel nervous, sad, or irritated. When we hang onto these emotions, they become stressful, putting strain on our bodies. Unless we know how to release them, these stressful emotions can cause blockages, which can then show up as chronic illness or depression.

Here are a few ways to let go of some of these lingering stressful emotions:

1) Relax. Remember that you are free to choose whatever thoughts that you want, so choose the ones that feel best to you. Don’t dwell on negative thoughts or try to figure out all their possible implications.

2) Focus within. Meditate, do some yoga, or simply go for a walk. Whatever it is that can ease your thoughts and help you focus on your inner space will enable you to let go of any lingering doubts or fears.

3) Take the next step. Sometimes to ease your worries it may be necessary to take a step in the direction you want rather than worrying about all the possible things that could go wrong. Focus on the next step toward your life’s dreams, rather than all the ways you may need to “fix” your problems right now.

4) Laugh. Change your mind by changing your focus to something laughable. Watch a funny movie or play, have a tickle-fest, or simply laugh at the silliness of worrying about this wonderful life you have.

Sometimes a simple fix may not work, such as when the “problem” has become chronically ingrained in your thoughts. Speak with someone you trust to help you let go of these doubts, or even seek professional assistance. You can become free of doubts and fears by focusing on what you desire rather than what you need to do to get there.