Guided Meditations for Self-Care

  • Are you feeling burned out and disconnected from the wisdom of your inner source?
  • Do you wish you had time for self-care, but even getting a massage seems like more time than you have available?
  • Do you ever feel like a being from a magical land who’s become stuck in a world of uninspired muggles and endless mundane tasks?

It’s not like you can just ditch the to-do list and take off on a soul-nurturing retreat (though it sounds tempting). Your family needs you, and you have responsibilities that won’t just go away. Playing hooky isn’t an option. Still, you can’t really give your best self when your cup is always empty.

We’ve been there, too. Kids, work, friends, housework, helping out in the community… There’s always something more to do, and not enough time to do it.

Life is busy, there’s no denying it. Your family, job, and home care take up most of your waking hours. But you know there’s more to life than this. You remember when you were full of ideas and inspirations about how you would help change the world.

You wish you had time to be in tune with your heart’s callings. Your creative spirit still calls to you, and you long to be able to incorporate your passions into your life. Actually, it would be amazingly luxurious just to relax for a while and let your mind drift.

Our Guided Meditations for Self-Care will fill up your cup by reconnecting you with the wisdom of your inner self.

In less than ten minutes per meditation, you’ll go on a journey to a magical inner world that is yours alone. When you return, you’ll bring back with you the energy you need to infuse your daily life with more meaning.

These guided meditations are bite-sized points of connection that will help lead you back to the wisdom of your inner spirit. They will gently provide you with space to expand and to come back to center. You can keep them handy on your phone or tablet, and do them whenever you have a small chunk of time available – each of them is less than 10 minutes long. Choose from a variety of topics (Centering, Finding Your Purpose, Connection, Being Grateful, Restoring Balance, Nurturing Wellness, Inspiring Creativity, and Garden of Happiness) to suit your needs in each moment.

Guided Meditations for Self-Care are the perfect way to infuse your busy life with the deeper spiritual connection you’ve been longing for.

“Receiving the Guided Meditations for Self Care was a blessing and a gift. I found them to be extremely useful for me when the winds blew strong and created a lot of noise. The soothing tone of BlackLion’s voice, the charm and hint of joy in Starcat’s voice send me off into a deep state of relaxation and blissful sleep. I would recommend and encourage you to invest in a lifelong self development tool. I have seen and noticed an improvement in my eating habits and diet too, a bonus ! Give yourself a gift of deep relaxation, blissful sleeps and better health. In gratitude to Starcat & BlackLion for sharing these extraordinary gifts with me. They are a great benefit.”

– Maggie in Spain

“I love guided meditations… I had a look around and listened to quite a lot of them by different artists. But I really have to say that I found none at all comparable to yours! Both of you have just the perfect voices for it and also the content was crafted with so much love and attention. I really want you to know how special this is and that there are very few of this quality on the market!” 

– Robyn from Germany

“I have done guided meditation for my children for the past 15 years, but never have had it done on myself. It was truly a new experience for me. I felt embraced and warm. Both Blacklion and Starcat were gentle in tone and in being. I am a hyperactive person and usually feel like an over excited puppy around people who are so calm, but they put my hyperactivity at ease and therefore I was able to truly be self-allowed to go through with the guided meditation.”

– Mary from Massachusetts

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