Heart of the Goddess Spiritual Mentoring

How Can You Possibly Make a Difference?


You may have been putting off your soul’s calling since you first heard it – last week, last month, last year.

You’re busy, you’re overwhelmed, and you just can’t help but intensely feel all the angst and despair and fear out there.

You think, what can one person do? I’m treading water as it is! And what does my calling have to do with the state of the world, anyway?

But the time to delay is over.

Your unique and inspiring gifts are needed, now, in this time of crisis.

Do you:

  • Feel overwhelmed by the state of the world, but are unsure how to create lasting change?
  • Have a calling or grand vision, but no clear idea how to get there?
  • Struggle to find time for consistent self-care and spiritual practice?
  • Feel like you’re stuck in an old pattern that keeps you playing small?
  • Wish you had the confidence and energy to be a conscious co-creator?

You’re not alone.

Though it appears that the fear-mongers, bigots, and haters are in charge of our collective destiny, that is so far from the truth. Though you feel like your contributions don’t matter, they do.

Inside each of us is the bright light of the Feminine Divine, ready to blossom and emerge into the world. Human consciousness is expanding – it’s already happening.

Your inner world is the microcosm, and our collective reality is the macrocosm.

By opening and tapping into your own personal connection to the Divine – your heart – you can become the change you want to see in the world.

Your precious gifts and untapped talents are already within you right now. And with the love and nurturing support of your Feminine Divine community, you can become a beacon of hope, love, and strength in these troubled times.

But how can you get there from here?

From frazzled to centered? From stressed to shining?

The Heart of the Goddess Spiritual Mentoring program is perfect for you if you’re ready to make a change in your life and drop the old baggage of the dying patriarchal systems.

Your intentional focus on what makes your life worth living ripples outward throughout the cosmos, drawing Her divine love and light into your heart and community.

It is the very process of self-actualization, self-love, and self-worth that brings you into the life of your dreams, and allows you to best serve.

This customized spiritual mentoring program will support you on your journey of deep self-discovery and authentic service.

Together we’ll craft a customized plan for you, so you can release the hooks the patriarchy has sunk into your psyche, tap into your most powerful gifts, and free yourself to be of service, your way.

Your 3-month custom-coaching package includes:

  • 6 coaching calls with Starcat and BlackLion
  • practical tools to use for daily connection with your inner wisdom
  • inspiration and channeled guidance
  • accountability to keep you on track
  • e-mail support
  • a safe and loving environment
  • custom-crafted guided meditations

We all need you to be your best self so that others may be guided on this path less traveled. You can shine your light so brightly that fear and hatred will no longer speak louder in your mind than love and peace.

Your world needs you to be the beacon of your own unique brilliance so that those who follow will know the way more easily. Stepping into your authentic self will also allow you to live with prosperity, love, passion, intention, and alignment every day.

Won’t you make a commitment to yourself, your family, and your community right now to truly make the world a better place, from the inside out?

Let the Goddess shine her light through you. Be part of the grand awakening!

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