Seeds of Transformation

SeedsSeeds of Transformation
by BlackLion

To live a life worth living, you need the ability to focus on what is really most important in your experience. Do you often do that? Not necessarily, with all the distractions of daily life, like work, kids, commutes, house-cleaning, etcetera etcetera. So if you truly want to change your life for the better, what are the key components necessary for a fabulous life?

Here are some seeds of transformation for you to implement in the many aspects of your life. Pick one to try, do them all, or make up your own!

Loving relationships

Thank you cards/gifts: Want to spread the love to those that are closest to you, or to someone you want to get even closer to? Make them a thank you card or special gift that comes from the heart. You could also treat them to a day at the spa, a walk on the beach, or whatever gives them the happies. Sow the seeds of love!

Hugs: Sharing an embrace with your special someone is a treat. By hugging for as little as 10 seconds, you build more trust, love and intimacy. Hugging yourself is also a way to lower your stress levels and get back in focus for a joyful life.

Self-love: Whenever you focus on bringing joy into your own life, your cup overflows with love. As you take loving-care of yourself, you are much more able to empathize with and care for another. Go on, give it a go!

Fulfilling work

Mutually-beneficial exchanges: Sure, you could stick with business as usual, but the lack of compassion and caring about the other people in the exchange is not sustainable. So why not focus on doing work that not only benefits you and your pocketbook, but also the people you work for and with? Find ways to create win-win-win scenarios (you-boss-client).

Team building: Working as a team has so many advantages when everyone involved can work together cohesively. Create synergies with your teammates by inspiring the best in them rather than expecting the worst. Play to your and your team’s strengths while bolstering the shortfalls.

Heroic challenges: Sometimes doing the same thing day in and day out gets repetitive and boring. Set yourself an epic challenge that you know will be a game-changer if you complete it successfully. Even if you fall short of the goal, the mindset for overcoming your next challenges will be a boon. Think big!

Genius work: Do what you are meant to do. Follow your passions and spend more and more time on those activities and your life will transform. You’ll discover like-minded folk, more opportunities, and a prosperity that is joyful rather than discouraging.

Spiritual connection

Quiet mind: To truly be one with All-That-Is, you need to let go of the constant chatter of thoughts. Try meditation, exercise, or simply petting your animal companion and be fully in the present moment. That quiet voice you usually suppress is your spirit sharing its love for you.

Openness to oneness: Recognizing that you are an integral and unique being in this vast universe can be daunting, yet when you realize the true worthiness inherent in your being, your life will blossom. Be open to the possibility that you really are a magnificent and bountiful creator of your own life experience.

Listening within: All the answers you have ever sought have always come from within. The impetus to find the solution to your challenges can come from many external stimuli, yet only by looking within will you find what you are looking for. Take a few deep breaths and just listen.

Creative visions: Visualize what it would feel like to have everything you have ever wanted in a way that benefits you and those you interact with. By being one with your creative vision, you become a beacon of joy, love, and happiness. Create your best life!

Healthy mind and body

Nutritious food: When you pay attention to what you are putting into your body, you will recognize what feels good and what makes you feel like crap afterwards. By imbibing wholesome foods and drinks, your body is best able to align with your spirit and you’ll feel great through the whole process.

Plenty of movement: Get up and dance! Go for a walk or get back into your workout routine. Moving your body will keep it active and healthy. Know your limits but also test the boundaries of what you think you are capable of. Just keep moving!

Mental acuity: Your body is not the only thing that needs exercise. Expand your mental facilities by doing crossword puzzles, cryptoquips, or tongue twisters. Read a challenging book. Engage in philosophical discussions. The more you learn and expand what you think, the more you’ll be able to think outside the box and find new ways of experiencing life’s wonder.

Inspiring environment

Decluttering: Look around your house and see if there is an accumulation of stuff, whatever it may be, then do something about it. By rearranging and decluttering your home or office, you’ll not only feel better, you’ll be able to see some of the blockages you may be holding onto in your life. Free your bonds!

Natural world: Going outside into nature is an awesome way to reconnect with the ebb and flow of life. By rekindling your intimate connection with the earth, sky, sun, plants, and animals, you’ll find ways to uplift your life’s experience.

Thriving community: Contribute in meaningful ways to your community. By sharing your beautiful gifts, you not only uplift yourself, you also raise the energy level of those around you. Create ways to thrive by being your best self and giving in joyful ways. These seeds will grow and blossom as you nurture them.

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