Seasons of the Spiral

Autumn FireworksSeasons of the Spiral
by BlackLion

Every year about this time, especially toward Samhain (aka Halloween), you may sense a shift of seasonal energies, from the outward-expressing self of spring and summer toward the inward-communing self of autumn and winter. Though you may not usually consider seasonal effects, your body, mind, and spirit sure do.

Last year at this time, you may have had different challenges, triumphs, and people in your life (or then again, maybe not). Yet, you are a season stronger, a season wiser, and a season more self-aware, even if just a little. You know more of what you do want and certainly know more of what you do not want, and you may have finally let go of that worn-out thought-trap.

The spiral is essentially a cyclical process, yet the starting place is definitely different then the ending place of the cycle. Sure, there will be components which you’ll still want in your life: your family, friends (maybe not so much of that one particular person), house, car, work (except the commute!), etc. Or perhaps you are ready to end a pattern of unfulfilling experiences, like no longer visiting your nagging Uncle Hank, or you’re ready to move on to greener pastures and start afresh.

Yet the essential you is new too. Every hardship and comeback is a cornucopia of gained wisdom and expansion for your inner source; a reason to celebrate! You may have experienced a new awakening or another wake-up call wallbanger gentle nudge to get you back on your golden path. The spiral continues to travel in the direction of your intention. Swirling into what you are wanting is way better then flying out of control towards what you are sure you do not.

Luckily, as the wheel (or cone?) of time continues, you’ll have yet another chance to let go of the past weights and rise up into the ride of your life. Sure, there will be turbulence, and maybe a wipe-out or two. Yet when you choose to travel toward your upward spiral and your best life, the ride will get better. You’ll find smoother sailing, full of more ease and relief.

Allow your inner guidance a voice in your daily life. Not only is it essential to travel upward on your spiral, it is also vital to spiral inward as well. As the nights grow longer (here in the north), you’ll find more and more solace in keeping your own counsel and allow your ancient divine wisdom to emerge. As you stay aligned with your deepest self, you’ll find even more heart-thriving adventures in your experience.

Abundance comes from within you and is a conduit that bridges people together in mutual bounty. Allowing your natural season of harvest is a perfect analogy for your upcoming cycle. Be ready to accept your highest blessings and you’ll soon be surrounded with inspiring people, gorgeous places and enriching circumstances that continuously grace your existence. Open your heart and encourage your best self as you get better and better at dancing with the universe.

Up, up and away!

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