by BlackLion

When you approach each moment with a sense of reverence, you acknowledge and celebrate the wonderful diversity of divine energies. As you open to this loving energy, you realize the great love that you hold inside you already. You are tapping into the wellspring of joy and beauty that is your eternal nature.

When you can see the challenges in your life with this inspired perspective, you will see the benefits and gifts that the universe is offering to you for growth and transformation. Allow this spirit-sight to help overcome your resistance and stress. Go with the flow on your enlightened journey.

Be at ease knowing that you are here to share your amazing gifts with the world. Be open to inspiration, intuition, and change. Feel the love within you and share it with whatever beings you encounter: your family, your friends, your community, your environment, your world. Become a beacon of vivacious living as your example inspires those around you.

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