Purple Tapestry (or Spiritual Nom Noms)

Purple Tapestry (or Spiritual Nom Noms)
by BlackLion

Infinite starlight,
Infinite dreams,
Infinite sunshine,
Infinite joy.
If the hearth-fire stays warm,
Can I still come home again?
If I fall asleep in your arms,
Can I still remember?
Breathing is the most intimate act,
Can I relax now?
If the power to heal is within,
What can I live without?
What if the words I say,
Have more meaning when I am silent?
Do I have to stay tuned in,
If the news is old?
I remember now.
Like I always have.
The advice I receive,
Only matters if it jives!
Open your heart,
Let the sun beam out
And let your joy seep, steep, bubble, and boil.
And remember to spread your arms out wide,
Blow a big kiss to the universe,
And bow in thanks.