Planting in Your Spiritual Garden

Planting in Your Spiritual Garden
by BlackLion 

Here in New England, the ground is frozen and covered with a good foot of snow. So why are we talking about planting new seeds at this time of year? Metaphorically speaking, the time to start thinking of new projects or reviving older projects is now. As the sun gets stronger and stronger and the days get longer and longer, the whispers of spring are not too far away. The tides of energy flow toward new growth.

In the spiritual realm, the ground in which to plant the seeds of change is always fertile. Whether it is a change in attitude or a change of perspective, focusing within and recreating yourself and your life will prove fruitful. By allowing yourself the expansion of your spirit, you can transform your way of interacting with the world.

So how do you plant new seeds? First, it is important to take the time to focus on who you are right now and where you are heading. Are the thoughts you are thinking on a regular basis pleasant or discouraging? Do you focus on the joyful moments to come or are you worried about all sorts of things? The answers to these questions are the signposts pointing toward where you need to focus your change in perspective. Take the time to write down your biggest fears and your biggest goals, ones that elicit a strong emotion within you.

Next, compost the things that feel rotten and leave the ground ready for planting. Find out what you no longer wish to feel. Change your fears into positive goals in the form of affirmations. You can also take the positive feelings you already have and sprinkle them onto the areas that feel negative or out-of-sync with your life-giving and uplifting intentions.

As you make a practice of seeing your fears change to goals and affirmations, the feelings around these fears will subside into more pleasing ones. With patience and perseverance you can overcome any obstacle that you have put in your way – those pesky rocks in your spiritual garden. Allowing the seeds you plant now to become beautiful plants and trees in the coming months will not only create a more joyous experience in the future, but your everyday experience will be uplifted as well.

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