Personal Spirituality Coaching: A Story

Personal Spirituality Coaching: A Story

You walk into the sacred space, candlelight illuminating the corners, soft music playing. You are warmly greeted by Starcat, a smiling faerie woman, and BlackLion, a jovial bearded man. They welcome you into the room and usher you to a seat on the floor.

You make a little small talk as they prepare your favorite incense to burn during your session. You see pillows, drums, and notebooks as they ask you to relax and lie down on your back. BlackLion drums a steady heartbeat rhythm as Starcat, in a soft voice, guides you into a restful meditation. You feel more connected to your source as you lie comfortably, breathing in and out, relaxing and letting go of your chattering mind.

As you are gently guided back to a more conscious level, you feel warm, connected, and uplifted. Next, you receive a healing session to help increase your energy and relaxation at the same time. The Reiki energy flows into your body as Starcat and BlackLion lightly lay hands on your body. You can feel yourself being reenergized and the heat from their hands is soothing.

When you are ready, you sit up and the coaching begins. Being connected to your inner power, you can more easily see the goals and desires that you want to accomplish in your life. As you discuss these dreams, Starcat and BlackLion listen intently, ask questions, and help guide you toward your true purpose for being here on this Earth plane.

You are excited by all the possibilities laid out before you and invigorated by the next steps that are in line with your core beliefs. As the session comes to a close, Starcat and BlackLion thank you for your time and say that they will be corresponding with you over the course of the next week to remind you of all the important points uncovered during this session.

As you thank them and head home, you feel empowered by your session and excited about your self-nurturing. The next coaching session cannot come soon enough as you float in the joys of self-love and creativity. You thank the universe for who you are and where you are right now on your spiritual path.