PawedCats Podcast

We just wanted to pop in for a moment and ask this question: do you know about the PawedCats Podcast? Well, a few weeks ago, we here at Feline Dreamers created a brand-new weekly podcast. It’s free, and can be found on iTunes and here on the website.

Our focus is to discuss personal spirituality in a playful way, to share our ideas and silliness, and to help light the way. And of course, we include cats, faeries, and dreams in the mix. Each episode includes a Dream of the Week, an update on our feline companions, and then a discussion of the week’s themes. Some of the things we’ve talked about so far include practical weirdness, cat magick, and seasonal energy changes. We love to hear from our listeners, and if you send us your feedback, ideas, or dreams, we may include them in the podcast.

We post a new episode each Thursday – tomorrow’s episode will feature ideas about how to stay “in the flow” as you experience the ups and downs of daily life. Come and join us!