PawedCats Podcast Episode 318: Flowing with Your Inner Spirit

We are glad to be back from our June hiatus, or in other words, “June ate us.” With lots of performances and gatherings, we are glad to be in July with a less busy schedule. We had a great June, though, and we are excited to create more PawedCats Podcasts for your listening pleasure.

We love to bring you spiritual insights, tools, and ideas, and this podcast episode is no exception. If you want to feel more connected to your spirit and flow more easily with your life, we share our thoughts on letting go of control and shifting thoughts to better resonate with your inner guidance. Of course, we talk about our cat friends and share a dream, as well.

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BlackLion and Starcat
Feline Dreamers


Episode 318: Flowing with Your Inner Spirit

In which June ate us and spit us out in July, we make some inner home improvements, get summoned to bed by Percy cat, learn to go with the flow, and share tips for staying connected to your spirit when things get busy.

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