Pave the Way to Wellness

Photo by David Lally.

Photo by David Lally.

Pave the Way to Wellness
by BlackLion

Wellness is a state of being. You can tell by the way you are feeling whether you are on the path to wellness or not. Are the majority of your thoughts focused on the next problem, how someone did you wrong, or that you can’t stand doing what you’ve been doing? Those are sure signs of un-wellness, or the focus on lack.

When you are feeling good about yourself, others, or your experiences, life feels lighter and more open, and you’re tapping into the wellspring of Well-Being that is inherent within you. If you aren’t, you’ve just been practicing yourself into thought patterns that don’t serve you. If you can be a little lighter about life, you will find dramatic changes unfold for you for the better.

Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with the world, focus on what’s right, right in front of you. Find ways to think of your challenges in ways that feel better. Remember, life’s challenges are the obstacles, speed bumps, and wild curves that make life so interesting. And, on the other side of every one of those challenges is a better you. You’ve overcome every challenge you have ever faced.

If you feeling especially out-of-whack, take time for meditation or a catnap. That way you’ll be able to reset your point of attraction and start with a fresher perspective. Every time you quiet your monkey mind, you’ll receive guidance from your inner source.

As you ease into your life experience, know that what is being paved for you right now is based on your thoughts and feelings. As with any practice, the more you find serenity in your thoughts, the more you will find your better life that’s been waiting for you the whole time. Go forth and prosper!

P.S. What thoughts and life are you practicing towards right now? Why go there if you’re not going to enjoy the journey or the destination anyways?

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