Patience & Persistence

beachrosesPatience & Persistence
by Starcat

Are you making changes this summer to improve your wellness? Maybe you’re increasing your physical activity, choosing healthier foods to nourish your body, or focusing on getting enough sleep. No matter the changes you’re implementing, two key factors to keep in mind are patience and persistence. The changes to your body won’t happen overnight. It takes time and perseverance to establish new habits.

If you’re working on losing weight, patience is particularly important. It’s easy to get excited about dietary changes and a new exercise plan and expect the pounds to melt away quickly. Maybe you even know someone that it has happened to. If your weight changes more slowly, be patient. It might be tempting to go ahead and indulge in that gooey chocolate pudding cake, thinking that what you’ve been doing so far hasn’t made any difference. Perhaps it’s true that you need to tinker with your plan, but giving up and resorting to old habits won’t help. Make sure you’re nurturing yourself in ways that are healthy for you, so you’re not living in a space of lack. Then turn your attention away from the scales for a while, and notice other benefits to your more healthy eating habits. Do you feel better? Have more energy throughout the day? Have you fallen in love with big crunchy salads or homemade green smoothies?

Persistence is another key attribute to encourage in yourself. I’ve been doing near-daily yoga for almost three months solid now. There are still mornings when I feel weak and stiff, and wonder if my yoga practice is having any effect on my body. This morning I was feeling bored with yoga. I wanted to do something else, or just rush through the exercises without paying much attention. Rather than giving up, though, I decided to add in a few poses I hadn’t done in a while, to challenge myself and keep it interesting. I ended the session feeling strong and focused. Being persistent, especially when your new routine isn’t fully established yet, can make a world of difference.

When you want to change your sleep habits, persistence and patience both come into play. If you’re been running on empty for a long time, you’ll have a big sleep deficit that won’t go away instantly. Establish a comforting and nurturing sleep routine, and stay with it. Even when you feel like you’re not sleepy, do something relaxing, like reading or listening to peaceful, calm music.

No matter what wellness changes you’re putting into place, stick with your plan for the long haul. Sure, make adjustments as you observe your needs and challenges, but don’t skip around from diet to diet or embrace every new workout fad. The wellness you’re establishing is not made up of actions alone, but also of your attitude and willingness to let your transformation unfold over time. Many blessings on your journey!

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