Output and Input

Output and Input
By BlackLion

You can only take in information or ideas for so long before having to implement your interpretation of those ideas plus a healthy dose of dreams and inspiration. Why would you ever do anything that was not in line with your personal highest good? At what point was it okay for someone else to choose what you enjoyed and did not enjoy?

Now, why are these questions important? First, what you put out into the world is a reflection, an intimate expression, of your unique self. Within the inputs you have been regularly adding to your system, whether from television, community center, or sacred space, you will find many agreeable aspects. You may also find experiences that repulse or anger you. All of these are your natural inclinations interacting with all the other beings of your life.

There are many factors involved in how you output your intentions. Your inputs color your path with amazing and powerful energies. The qualities that you absorb will reflect in your demeanor and disposition. When you focus on giving what you get, you may become inundated by all the experiences that others are having and share in kind. Perhaps if you remember that you will get what you give, your offering will be focused on how to best serve the situation.

When you focus on what is best about each moment, your inputs are colored by those feelings and moments. You are then more likely to offer similar vibrations. The other case is also true. If you see only fault or judgment, you will be giving off the air of accusation and failure. As you sow, so shall you reap.

So how do you find the next experience? Do you hold your arms wide open or are you curled up in a corner? Check in with your thoughts and just observe them for a while. You may get hooked by a recurring image or conversation. Gently return to observing and focusing on your thoughts. What is the elegance of your thoughts?

Esthetically, how you give is as important as what or how forcefully you give. Whether through thought or action, if you feel the quality of your thoughts and actions are displeasing to you, perhaps practice focusing on what does please you where you are in that moment. At first it may be intimidating, but with self-care and gentleness you can keep returning to a focus that is worthwhile to you and your compatriots.

You are already a success. You have already overcome every obstacle you have ever faced. Now, see your current challenges in the light of merely one of a thousand or more you have already become the better for. You learn by contrast. Imagine your current contrast in its opposite light. The simple act of finding one good thing in a situation can begin to clear your vision from even the depths of powerlessness.

With this invigoration, you can see how your output can become more resonant with your spiritual connection. The input you receive is filtered through the culmination of all your previous experiences. Your next action or thought will reflect your attachment to those experiences as well as the depth of your connection with your divine self. Most of us react to what is happening outside of us before we even take a moment to look within to see how we truly feel.

Letting go of trying to control the outside to fix the inside is the key to creation. You create from within and bring forth into the world. Share yourself in ways that bring out your best qualities, whatever they may be. In turn, those attracted to your vibe will find you and share in your glory. You can do it!

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