Open to Synchronicity

We drove to Boston recently, listening to CDs of Robert Kiyosaki’s “Choose to Be Rich” series along the way. After listening to Robert and his wife Kim talking about how they went from being completely broke to their current state of wealth, we felt optimistic about our ideas and plans for increasing our own prosperity. We weren’t sure just how to accomplish some parts of our goals, but we were more determined than ever to go for it anyway.

As we walked down the street later that warm spring evening, enjoying our time together, BlackLion received a call from an unknown number. Starcat urged him to answer it, listening to a glimmer of intuition. It was the folks from Rich Dad Education. Synchronicity strikes!

At first, it sounded like they were taking a survey about our opinion of the seminar we’d attended two weeks earlier. BlackLion responded positively, since we had both learned a lot from the experience. After a short time, though, the caller asked if we had time for an interview, saying that they offer extra support and special training opportunities for qualified interviewees they find promising.

So, while walking through Boston, the universe provided just what we were looking for – ways to further increase our abundance. The cool thing is, this isn’t an out-of-the-ordinary experience. It happens all the time! Especially when you’re open to it. Fred Alan Wolf, a quantum physicist and author studying the origins of consciousness, would say that this type of synchronicity is a non-local, non-causal connection between events. We had no conscious expectation that we’d hear from the Rich Dad Education folks out of the blue. The link between the events may not be apparent on the surface, but is nevertheless meaningful to us, the observers.

Keep an eye out and be open to the many possibilities in your own life. When you express a wish or desire, watch for how the universe might be answering it, or at least indicating the next steps to take along your path. Each time you focus on your dreams, you will be reinvigorating connections to all of the possibilities out there. When you know you will receive what you seek, you’re more open to the flow of synchronicity.