On Truths and Reality

Bauneg Beg Mountain, Maine, USAAn I-am statement is a statement about yourself TO yourself.

When you experience any mental block or challenging circumstance that is interrupting your natural flow, you are experiencing a limiting I-am statement at work.

Recognize that the I-am statement need not have been from your own thoughts in the first place.

Firstly, you are constantly and gloriously bombarded with information all the time, every moment.

No matter how much information is out there, an infinite amount perhaps, then it is not possible for you, as an individual consciousness, to understand all of it.

How freeing is that?

‘I-am only limited by the information I know.’

But that’s a great thing, because there is ALWAYS something new to know.

But remember this, your body knows how to breathe, digest, release toxins, protect from diseases and viruses, and so much more that you may or may not have information about consciously.

Yet, you are still a co-creator of what your body is experiencing.

And when your I-am statements become toxic, your body adjusts itself to believe that I-am statement, which can include a lot of stress, emotional trauma, and appear as dis-ease, injury, and even death.

Great news – you get to change your thoughts!

You can and are able to change the I-am statements that you are living with right now.

For example, mine is:
‘I-am fat.’

I believed it myself when someone else thought that I was fat. And/or I perceived information about another person’s body and believed that since I was not like them, then I am fat while they are not.

Whatever the many repeating I-am statements I’ve added to my thought matrix, it is my best hope to change myself by changing this I-am statement, or at least give it less of a sting.

For instance, the statement itself is a not the whole truth.

‘I-am not JUST fat.’

‘I-am fat, and muscle, and sinew, and bone, and mucus, and blood, and skin, and hair, and laughter, and kindness, and information.’

If I choose not to include the other information in my I-am statement then I-am DELUDING myself, pretending that I do not have information about myself that I really do have knowledge of.

More actually I-am DILUTING myself, telling myself that I-am a lesser or diffuse version of who I really am.

And that can be quite an obscure way of understanding myself.

So, by recognizing that any I-am statement is NOT the BE-ALL-END-ALL I-am statement, then it is OK for me to no longer believe those negative I-am statement about myself.

So now, I see the ‘I-am fat’ statement as a non-statement, or something without enough information in it to be the whole truth.

Or indeed, it is just a signpost, one partial truth involved with an infinite amount of truths.

And so, from that point of view, any I-am statement may be true, but it is not the TRUTH.

You can let go of any of your own I-am statements so that you can now step forth into the world with a knowing that you are so much more than your parts and that there is so much more information out there to discover…

…about you and your unique place in the universe.

‘I-am powerful beyond measure!’

Ain’t that the truth! ;)

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