Nurturing your Connection with Nature

Nurturing your Connection with Nature
by BlackLion

Experiencing the natural world is such a refreshing way to reconnect with spirit. The freedom and ease with which nature exhibits its is-ness resonates within. You might forget to spend much time outside, especially when it is cold or rainy. Here are some ways to nurture your connection with nature and enhance your spiritual wellness.

Work Outside. When you can take some of your work tasks outside, either on your laptop or a notebook, go for it. You will enjoy the fresh air, the sun shining down, and the energy of the world around you. If you cannot find your way outside, open the window and let the air flow in. Sit by some of your plants or snuggle with your kitten in your lap. You’ll find an ease come over you as you do your tasks.

Take a Hike. Start a regular practice of going into nature for a walk. Whether a park, hiking trail, or through your garden, stroll around admiring the beauty of nature. As you reconnect with these energies, your own energy will sympathize and uplift. Make sure to bring appropriate gear for rain, snow, or bright sunshine. Recognize your divinity within this natural realm.

Grow. Create a garden of flowers or vegetables or simply nurture a potted plant inside. As you work with these delicate and amazing plant friends, you’ll connect with their energy as they grow in your care. Even if you have a “brown thumb,” you can still get a cactus friend who won’t mind if you don’t water very often. As your plant friends grow, you’ll grow a deeper connection with nature.

Watch Critters. Observe the behavior of your pets or go out and see farm animals, birds swooshing by, and perhaps catch a glimpse of a wild critter. These animal friends are so focused on their present experience that they do not get caught up in their pasts or futures. You can learn lessons for being more yourself and connected to spirit by listening to the multitude of beautiful beings all around you.