Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

100_9263Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
by BlackLion

Reflections appear all through our lives, whether through the people we meet, the encounters we have, or an actual one of ourselves in the mirror. All of these have one thing in common – you! When you recognize yourself in another, or the way you feel around someone you care about, or perhaps when you get cut off in traffic, all of these are a reflection of your current thoughts and emotional landscape.

As the saying goes: when you point a finger at another, four others are pointing back at you. Take responsibility for your own emotions and thoughts, yet be kind. Just because you may sometimes freak out about the littlest thing or feel empathy for those who may be in dire circumstances, the triggers are simply signposts to your own spiritual perspective and your alignment with that energy.

People we meet challenge us because we are challenged by them.

Ever get that feeling when you encounter a new person of being really drawn toward them, whether their demeanor, smile, or wit? This feeling means you are in alignment with the moment and your openness to the world. Conversely, have you ever wanted to steer clear from someone that you met in the grocery store simply because they looked at you for too long? Being aware of your feelings will guide you to more knowledge about yourself.

Perhaps you stubbed your toe getting out of bed and then you spilled your coffee and then you had to run into the store and grab some seltzer to get the stain out and then that strange person looked at you and you got triggered. Your energy state is broadcast to everyone around you and theirs to you. Once you are aware of these energies you can recognize your part in the equation. Examine your closely-held beliefs and see if they are still true for you now as when you first accepted them.

Serendipity my seem true because it was what you expected would happen yet instead it was by your expectation that the circumstances came about into your experience in the first place.

It’s as if the world is a beautiful and mysterious mirror that reflects and translates the whole universe through your senses and assumes that everything you know as true, is true for All-That-Is, for All-Time. Really, we are a distinct yet interconnected energy field in a vast array of synchronous and asynchronous fluxes, in other words, eddies in the swirls of spacetime. The intentions you hold are the conduit through which the universe is allowed to flow into your experience.

Now this may seem like a burden rather than a boon. In essence, you are the creator of your own experience, and the universe is a reflection of you, using your own tinted glasses. When you praise, accept, thank, love, and cherish the world and those around you however, the world becomes an awesome (literally!) place. If you have prejudice, worries, fear, or indifference to the world, you’ll find the same lack of love, peace, and understanding coming to you again and again.

Can you be your own salvation?

How do you feel about your own reflection? Are you happy to see yourself in the mirror each morning or do you dread even looking yourself in the eye? Here is where the spirit and the true you resides. This being in the mirror, though only a reflection of the one-who-is-looking, is you and your outward presence in the universe. Do you notice the flaws first or do you smile at the glint in your eye?

Take some time and really look at yourself. You may want to do this unclothed for the “naked truth,” as it were. Let the judgment go and really just be comfortable with yourself. After a time, you’ll become more self-aware and can really accept yourself as you are right now. Our bodies are a physical encasement of our mental and spiritual selves all rolled into one amazing being. How have you been kind to your vessel recently? After you finish meditating on yourself, be thankful and look deeply into your own eyes for as long as you can manage and really send your love. You’ll fall in love with yourself in no time!

Examine how you feel and think and you’ll better understand how intention trumps fear.

Only you can truly know yourself. With self-reflection, you’ll be honest, even to the point of rawness. Yet when you shine your light of attention, the fears, worries and doubts will melt away. Who knows what you are truly capable of if you let yourself simply be yourself? Meditation is not a one shot deal, it is a regular practice that really lets you dig deeper and deeper into your masterpiece self. What better way to become the change you want to see in the world than by knowing what changes would best enhance you and the world?

By setting intentions that are truly representative of your inspired living, then there is no room for doubt, worry, or fear. When you return again and again to the why you want to live your life to the fullest with a sensational lifestyle, fabulous friends and family, exceptional creativity, and fulfilling and meaningful work, you’ll elicit the best and brightest experiences from all you encounter. Who wouldn’t want to do all that and have it filled with your ethics, intentions, and positive expectations?

Everything starts from within.

Self-reflection as a spiritual practice will not only encourage you to accept yourself for who you are, strengths and weaknesses, you’ll also discover that the world really is conspiring in your favor. Let self-awareness become a natural extension of your intentional experience. The present moment is where all the juicy parts of life live, so become mindful of your thoughts and emotions, without attachment, and allow your spirit to reflect its loving and kind nature through your own life’s example. See you on the flip side!


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