Manifesting Self-Care

An orange cat facing to the left on a purple lap.

Monsieur Sir Percival Lovecat avec Mom Cat (Nikki Starcat Shields)

A love letter:

Hello lovely feline dreamers,

I am so thankful for each and everyone one of you (yes, even you). My heart sings knowing that an intentional, magickal community is being created by your presence. Your thoughtfulness, deep joy, and free attitude makes life that much more better; if yes means no – than I can reclaim more better! ;) <3

Everyone I meet, online and around the world, become a love of mine, simply because you are a part of it. And yes, some of you are more challenging than others to translate and acknowledge, yet my mission continues to love even them, yes, even them. And I am so glad for your unique and scrumptious perspective. I love that you have completely amazing and different experiences. Some that I could never truly fathom, and I am sure my hurt can only ache as much as any other for loss, love, and adventure. And yet there you all are, with me.

And what makes being part of the One All so amazing is knowing you will be there through thick and thin. And this is the meaning of new discovery and acceptance that others may be suffering while I party, or others are laughing while I cry why to the cosmos. But there they are Goddess and God watching over their children. However you may translate that great unknown, you will know that I love you.

And with this I end my missive:

You are me. I am You. We are One.

All is well.


Brent BlackLion Nelson

P.S. This is why I love you all, you share such amazing things! <3

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