Liminauts (and other Dream Beings)

luminautsLiminauts (and other Dream Beings)
by BlackLion

Have you ever met new people in your dreams? You know, the ones that adventure with you in some really profound ways. Perhaps the young children who play with abandon and you don’t mind just feeling silly. Other times they give you complex riddles that you then translate as they appear in serendipity. The emotions you experience are signals coming from the different aspects of you. What messages are in their similes ?

Sometimes you may have periods where you do not dream at night, but perhaps daydream in a liminal state while drinking your morning mango-spinach smoothie. When you recognize that you are in two states at once, dream and awake both, as in meditation and yoga, the people you encounter are of a transient nature. We have friends who shower the world with their generosity and well-being, while others frustrate the heck out of us sometimes.

In those moments, asleep or awake, all parties are engaged together, so the responsibility the for the time shared is 100% to each. No one is truly alone – all around you is energy in one form or another. Absolute zero, which is considered the coldest energy level possible, has never been measured. Many attempts have tried to prove that there is no place in the universe that is not in at some state of movement, even at the sub-atomic levels. No parka big enough could help with that freeze.

The universe is continuing to yield more experiences to you. As you maintain your connection to your magical self, that silent, loving part of you that interacts in your dreamscapes, you learn to maintain an intentional alignment with that part of you. You may even have a vivid daydream, one where you reenact what you really wish you’d said in the last encounter with your significant other, boss, coworker, or friend.

Practice alignment by consciously suggesting to yourself that you will have a vivid dream experience just before bedtime and when you awaken, you’ll have pen, paper and fascinating stories to share. Paint the picture of your perfect life with visualization, and keep your dream journal handy for wise insights and winding staircases to other magnificent level of experiences.
Wishing you sweet dreams tonight for your amazing liminaut voyage.

Blessed Be!

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