Life and Death

The circle of life includes death, which is often a near-taboo subject in our culture. In this week’s PawedCats Podcast, we’ll talk about walking your life’s path boldly, and also about death, and honoring your own and others’ mortality. And of course, we’ll also talk about cats, and share a Dream of the Week. Hope you’ll join us!

You can listen and subscribe to the RSS feed via the PawedCats Podcast page or using iTunes. Sharing new tools, ideas, and techniques on bringing spirituality into your everyday experience is a joy and pleasure for us here at Feline Dreamers. Take a listen and give us feedback about the content and format of the show.

Starcat and BlackLion
Feline Dreamers


Episode 320: Life and Death

In which we wait out the thunderstorm, head off on a cruise, boldly walk the path, get woken up by Percy, and ponder deeply about life and death.

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