Letting Go

Letting Go
by Starcat

When you want something, let it go. State your desire with intention and passion, and then drop it into the well of wishes and walk away for a while. It seems like a paradox when you’re working with the Law of Attraction, but the letting go really is a key part of the process. If you cling to something too much, you’re embracing your resistance to not having it. When you’re free to be happy without that desire, it has more space to come to you.

The Buddhist notion of non-attachment is part of the process of creating what you want in life. When hearing about non-attachment, you might think that not being attached to anything would make for a pretty bland, boring life. But non-attachment doesn’t mean not loving who and what you love. Rather, it means focusing on living life in the moment, practicing unconditional love and compassion, and enjoying yourself. When you’re living life to the fullest and not grasping tightly to the things you want, then you’ll be creating more space for positive things to flow to you.

Letting go does mean trying things that you want to do, but not being tied to a particular result. For example, if you want to meet more friends, go to events and parties and talk to people. If you don’t get results immediately, don’t get discouraged, but rather keep trying, without expectation. Attend events that really interest you and sound like fun. When you open that space in your life, people will be drawn to you, and you’ll find the friendships you’re seeking.

Patience goes along with letting go. Sometimes if I really want something, I’ll work on letting go, but I’m actually still trying to force the situation. I’ll say to myself, “But I already let go of that, why isn’t it manifesting yet?!” Um, clearly my letting go wasn’t authentic, and I’m being impatient with the expected results. Go back and release the attachment deliberately, and then find things to do that make you happy. When you can truly let go, particularly around an issue that might be especially intense or challenging for you, you’ll be delighted with the new things that unfold in your life.