Letting Change Transform Us

Letting Change Transform Us
by BlackLion

A transformation can be a challenging transition or a simple one, depending on your level of acceptance of the changes you find yourself undergoing. Some transformations are quick, like a car accident, and some are slow, like the death of a loved one who has cancer. Whatever circumstance you may find yourself in, on some level you chose these events, people, and thoughts as significant lessons to expand your being.

Coming into this life, we each set goals and intentions. We let go a portion of our immaterial selves, and are born into this world, free spirits. Each moment, we have a choice of whether to feel thankful for what we are about to experience or to feel fearful of what might happen as a result of our experiences.

As the changes unfold, we learn so much about ourselves. Everything we hate reflects our attitudes and ideas about that subject. Everything we love is also an indication of how aligned we are with our intentions. Regardless of how we engage with our life, eventually we will learn from the world we experience.

Have you decided to choose the path of least resistance, or do you feel the world has to cater to your particular desires? Ironically, as you let go of more and more control, your life unfolds even more easily and in line with your highest purpose. Change is inevitable – it is the only constant. How we act or react to the world will determine how soon we find the answers we are seeking. Be thankful for the transformations as they appear, and the fruits of your labor will become apparent that much more quickly.