Kitten Cuddle Weather

The weather is starting to change here in northern New England. It’s cold at night, sometimes damp, and today we woke up to snow on the ground. Cats are wise to this sort of thing. Percy, in particular, has found his strategy for the coming winter – cuddles on a certain pastel afghan made by Aunt Peg. Oh, and warm beings to share it with. These photos were taken over a period of just a couple of days!

ElvenTiger is his favorite victim, err, cuddle-partner. He loves to put her to sleep.
Percy and ElvenTiger

More rare is a snuggle with Quester, who was on the phone with Ocean at the time. Kind of a two-for-one.
Percy and Quester

Starcat loves cats and books. What a great cold-weather activity!
Percy and Starcat

BlackLion is always happy to get some Percy snuggles. The little cat also enjoys some Reiki to keep him warm.
Percy and BlackLion

Percy likes to hang out with his brother Merlin for a catnap. Though they don’t often sleep in a pile like they used to as kittens.
Percy and Merlin

Percy is even willing to share space with Star, a rare occurrence, though not as rare as you may think.
Percy and Star

How do you like to spend your winter evenings?

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