Jumping Out of Old Patterns

Jumping Out of Old Patterns
by BlackLion

Sometimes we can get caught up in old patterns and ways of living. We’ve all had circumstances come up again and again. Breaking up with a boyfriend and your new beau triggers the same response in you. Going through yet another yo-yo diet where it works at first yet you gain the weight back again a few months later. So what can you do to break these cycles and gain a fresh perspective to move forward? Here are a few ways to break out of old patterns and gain new insight about yourself and your beautiful life.

  • Be kind to yourself. We often can beat ourselves up for getting stuck in a rut again. When you get into these energy patterns, changing it up by being kind to yourself can do wonders to bring a new perspective to the situation. Every act of kindness brings more love into the world. Loving yourself allows you space to become more than you are now.
  • Write a new script. Take some time to figure out what you really want to accomplish in your life. What brings you joy? What ideas inspire you? Once you have a clearer picture in your mind about your current passions, write it down in the form of a script. As you create what you want in your life and the people, places, and circumstances of your life unfold, write how you will feel and what you will say and do as you live your life full of joy and love.
  • Coaching. Another way to get motivated to change your life patterns is to seek a life coach or mentor that will help guide you. Many people get clearer about what they want in life by talking about it with someone they trust. The sense of accountability from an outside observer can be a motivating factor as well, in ways that we may not to do for ourselves. Find a trusted person to share yourself with and expand your life.
  • Change your awareness. Yoga, guided meditations, and other mind-altering techniques allow a connection to your inner source for guidance and understanding. By recognizing and honoring your spirit, you create the joyful space to become who you really want to become. Offer your loving energy with the world when you are centered and full of peaceful energy.