Joy as an Every Day Choice

WP_20140630_001Joy as an Every Day Choice
by BlackLion

I know that folks won’t always heed the advice of following their calling and creating a life that is worth living. Sure, we all have reasons not to follow our instincts and create. Work, kids, sleep… we all have things we prefer to do when inspiration hasn’t been calling.

Yet when it does, we are transformed into creative genii, scampering with yarn, needle, drum, voice, or hoe to fulfill our ingenious desires. When we are truly focused on our calling, joy is as easy as our next moment. When we create, we are allowing our spiritual acumen to shine forth onto the mundane of our normal lives.

When we forgo our routine and step into our passionate creativity, we become these amazing beings of enlightened ability. We become these nymphs of joy and spreaders of love. Transformation of raw materials: ink, paper, and seed; becomes these amazing mosaics of our imagination. When you choose to focus on your most creative spark, you become the purveyor of wondrous things.

Why not choose to focus more on what brings you a better feeling thought, than one that brings you down? Are you noble in sacrifice of your own desire, or are you an equal among all who seek to better themselves in every fashion that is most compelling?

It’s okay to spend time being contemplative, focusing on your spiritual connection. When you are fully yourself, whatever you bring to the table for your next encounters will surely be beneficial to all involved. Taking your circumstances and intentions into consideration is an essential tool for intentional transformation.

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