Jerry Hicks and the Law of Attraction

Jerry Hicks and the Law of Attraction
by BlackLion

I learned tonight about the passing of Jerry Hicks this past Friday. He was a remarkable man who, along with his wife Esther Hicks and the non-physical being Abraham, made up the triad of the Law of Attraction team of Abraham-Hicks. Together they created an extensive library of audio, video, books, and workshops that have expanded the consciousness of the world by its presence.

I was tear-filled reading about his passing. I had hopes of meeting him person and being part of the whole experience of Jerry, Esther and Abraham. I know that he has moved on to a non-physical existence that brings even more opportunity for love, joy, and expansion. I feel that, though he has moved on, we can still learn valuable lessons from his life and teachings.

He was a man who questioned everything, including existence, death, and abundance. He has offered so many enticing questions to ask Abraham, allowing us to not only know the inner workings of his mind and soul but also the expansive answers that many of us are seeking in our lives.

I want to thank him immensely for his contributions to my spiritual path as well as to that of countless other folks. Jerry will live on in my heart as I continue to learn, love, give, and receive in this beautiful gift of life. Take charge of your focus and live the life of your dreams. Blessings to you all!

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