In the Moment

In the Moment
by BlackLion

To face each moment as if it were brand new is a challenging yet rewarding way to live in the present. By not letting past events, history, old grudges, or even what happened earlier in the day, get in the way of seeing the world fresh and new, you can find a place of tranquility and peace. Each moment is an opportunity to change who you are and create the world you have always wanted.

I have often found that my day turns out alright. It feels good and I have a fun time. Yet, I also find that I am living my life pretty much the same as the previous day’s life. I forget to look at the world as fresh and new and allow the changes I want to happen. I am sure some of you may feel the same way sometimes.

Today, like other days, I am having a pretty good time, and I also chose to see the world with fresh eyes and new perspectives. I allow myself the ability to become more than the usual rut. We have discussed in our e-book, “How to Get Unstuck: 15 Ways to Gain Momentum,” some of the techniques we use to get ourselves back on track and ready for our dreams to arrive, to face the music, as it were.

By being in the moment, we are each able to see what lies hidden. We can let go of our predisposed viewpoints and seek true knowledge from within. What we each see in our world is a reflection, a true mirror, of who we are right now. If there are parts that are flawed or out of focus, perhaps it is the time look inward and see why the universe is not as loving as you know it to be. Try it for a few minutes each day – I know you will be excited about the possibilities before too long.