Imagine It, Be It

Imagine It, Be It
by BlackLion

Imagine waking up tomorrow in a world that you find so enjoyable, so awesome, that you are breathless. Imagine the events that would happen on such a day. Feel the excitement and exhilaration as you focus on each moment of your ideal day. Now, throughout your day today, remember how great you are feeling about tomorrow.

Now, think about what might happen in an hour that would be great for you – something that you are hoping will happen. Luck will be on your side, things will go better for you, and what you want will transpire. What feelings are you experiencing? Joy and happiness? Or perhaps doubt and skepticism are running amok in your otherwise joyful story.

Life is a grand adventure, a choose-your-own adventure. Whatever it is you are anticipating or dreading is bound to come your way if you focus on only those possibilities. Why not, as in the exercise above, focus on what you really want to happen? Even if it doesn’t happen literally tomorrow, mainly because of chronic pessimism or “reality checks,” moving forward in your life with anticipation and joy is a heck of a lot better than being afraid or full of worry.

Be assured that with practice and patience, you can overcome any obstacles that you may have placed in your path. You may have put these roadblocks in your way especially to help you recognize that you put them there in the first place, allowing you to overcome them with purpose and understand how not to do so in the future. Move forward with confidence, knowing that you can change your life and feel the love and joy in your heart.