How to Remind Yourself to Take a Moment

Percy taking a moment with Mom-cat.

There’s a lot of blame and distraction out there that can affect how you’re feeling. Whether it’s another news event that is barking at you for your attention, that new series just released, or your significant other rubbing you the wrong way today, all of these are your reactions to what you’ve already created.

How are we supposed to think for ourselves when we are chock full of TMI?

Perhaps taking a look around your immediate vicinity will give you some clues about what you focus much of your time on. Is it your kids in the background? Your work in the world, whether you are enjoying it right now or not? Perhaps the screen is your “only true friend” and you prefer to dwell elsewhere entirely, in your imaginary worlds?

Take a moment and check in. How deep is your breathing? How is your posture currently? How close are you to nature? If you are in it, what do you smell, hear, sense, and see? Whatever it may be, take a moment and resettle yourself into a more comfortable position. Take a break, a deep full breath, and close your eyes (while not operating heavy machinery, of course).

For thousands of years, we’ve been connected intimately with Mother Nature and the environment around us. When the world was serene and mysterious, we humans and our ancestors could be connected to Her wisdom whenever we wanted. Sure, there were challenges, like in all lives, yet they persevered with guidance, and so can you.

Even in our hectic lives, we can take a moment, any moment, to go within. Commune with your houseplants or comfort critters for a moment. Step outside and feel the sun (or rain) on your face. Be aware of you and the world as one living, breathing, loving Being. Together we grow and change.

Let this moment be enough. Let your troubles be seen from a deeper perspective. Let the past go and expect a brighter future. Let the rest of your day be even better. Let your next conversation bring relief and happiness.

Let yourself be realigned with the world around you. Let go and let it be.

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