How to Honor Yourself During Creative Lulls

fd140915lullsHow to Honor Yourself During Creative Lulls
by BlackLion

We’ve all had moments where the blank page was a gaping maw hungry for words, or the canvas expectant of the swath of brilliant colors, or the next line missing from our tongue. During these times especially, it is essential to be kind to yourself. Even if the period has been longer than you can remember, creativity will come to you.

As with all natural cycles, we ebb and flow with our creative natures. If the dearth seems long, seek the heart to find the source. Our imaginative natures create revolutionary ways of thinking. Let yourself be perfect as you are now, regardless of your circumstances. Once you accept what is, then you can do something about it, if you desire.

Silence is a sure way to honor yourself. Let distractions go and follow your true inclinations. You (and everyone else) will benefit from your care for yourself. During a lull in creativity, the time for input may also be high. Read voraciously, play freely, and walk gently. Observation of yourself and your unique perspective on “other” beings allows for new paradigms of interconnection and translation.

If you want to rev up your creativity, phase in new practices like keeping a journal, a sketch pad, or laptop ready for any burst of newness. Even a ten minute improv dance break once or twice a day will get your juices flowing. Try automatic writing – let your thoughts flow directly to your page and bolster your spiritual conversation.

Regardless of where you are on the spectrum of creativity, you’ll become attuned to your creative flow more easily and consistently with the practice of self-reflection. Honoring who you are and acknowledging your Self will absolutely keep your connection viable, especially as your desire to turn inward increases.

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