How Do I Choose?

How Do I Choose?
by Starcat

What is your calling? What are the things you most love to do? You might know without a doubt that you’re meant to paint or create rock walls or be an organic farmer. Or you might have no idea at all what to do. But what if you have so many things that you love, that the list seems overwhelming? How do you choose which path to follow? How will you make a living?

Perhaps you’re a “Renaissance Person.” You enjoy and dabble in many things, but don’t really choose to master or specialize in one. If this is the way you’ve always been, or the way you’ve evolved, then relax. It’s just a natural part of who you are. There’s nothing wrong with having many interests, and many things going on. Our culture of work and career might try to convince you that your attention span is too short, or you lack persistence, but follow your heart instead. You simply have a different type of genius.

Many creative people have the inclination to try and experiment with a variety of interests. You might be a perfect candidate for self-employment, perhaps supplemented with part-time work that you can enjoy. We have a friend who runs her own perfume-making business, takes classes to learn more about marketing, and works at a local farm. Another friend pursues his photography, helps his wife homeschool their kids, and sells his wooden carpentry creations. We at Feline Dreamers, as well as being writers and running our own business, also have interests in drumming, Reiki, computer programming, vegetarian cooking, and more!

So, perhaps the answer to the question “How do I choose?” is “You don’t have to.” Your interests might line up so that you can do gardening in the warm weather, and dive into sewing and clothing design in the winter, with a sprinkling of other interests throughout the year. Perhaps you can commingle some of your interests into a brand-new product or service to offer the world. Or you could write an interesting memoir or blog based on your passions. Relax into who you are, and follow your muses wherever they may lead.