Goddess Awakening: The Rise of the Feminine Divine

You might have noticed that the world seems to be in a bit of a mess these days. Each day brings more stories of:

  • Global warming and environmental damage sparking natural disasters and severe weather across the globe
  • Ongoing problems like racism, injustice, homophobia, and religious intolerance, often leading to violence
  • The ridiculous rhetoric and name-calling that is the U.S. presidential election season, with a lack of focus on the real issues voters face
  • The competitive hoarding of wealth and power by those who already have plenty

At the same time, though, there are so many amazing things happening, as people come together to create community, work for change, and live their deepest values. It feels like in some ways, the hatred that we hear about on the news is a backlash, the desperate grasping of the outdated patriarchal structure that is now in the process of crumbling.

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There is an awakening of human consciousness going on, and it is bringing forth qualities that are associated with the Feminine Divine. You can see it in the movements toward greater compassion, creativity, health, respect for diversity, communion with nature, connection, and collaboration.

Things like:

  • The grassroots success of Bernie Sanders and the message of economic, political and social reform, fairness, and sharing that he and his supporters brought forward
  • The movements toward growing food locally and organically, using permaculture techniques to work in harmony with the land, and feeding those who are hungry
  • The legalizing of gay marriage, the Black Lives Matter movement, the growing interfaith communities encouraging religious tolerance
  • The changing landscape of business, as more people create their own careers and right livelihood, collaborating with others to share resources and market their services and goods ethically
  • The rise of personal spirituality, as more people tune into their direct connection with the Divine cosmos and follow their hearts rather than following the herd

It is time for balance to be restored. As we collectively embrace these qualities of connection, we are helping to restore the Feminine half of the Divine to human awareness. Energies that have been suppressed in Western culture for more than two thousand years are now coming to light.

Are you longing for this Divine Feminine revolution? Do you feel lost and unsure how to help? Maybe you see yourself as powerless to create meaningful change. You long for your daily life to reflect your deepest values, for the things that you do to make a difference, for your innate creativity to shine.

You are already part of this Divine Feminine revolution. Your work and life can embody these very qualities. Through the work that you do, the things you share with the community, and the very way you walk your path, you are helping to restore the Feminine Divine to Her rightful place, hand in hand with her Masculine counterpart, together forming the Divine whole that comprises this amazing Universe.

We’d love to help you, to reach out and link hands, expanding the circles, making the communities we inhabit stronger and more empowered.

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Melissa CarterPeter DockendorfDanielle DulskyJenn AllenNicole Fisher DraftMarie DefrogeDominee Wyrick


Goddess Awakening: The Rise of the Feminine Divine is a compilation of wisdom from a variety of community leaders who are doing this sacred work. We’ve interviewed 14 creative, collaborative change-makers. They share their own heart-centered callings, how they live their deepest values each day, what they do when they fall down, and the tools they use to stay strong and shine bright.

We’ve compiled these gems of wisdom into an e-book, which we’re delighted to share with you, spreading the love in a ripple effect and encouraging this awakening of consciousness. The idea is to enhance the connections, uplift the change-makers, expand the conversation. This collaboration will help you find the support you need to share your own healing wisdom, encouraging the building of the new society, one based on connection, compassion, and creativity.