Giving the Gift of Yourself in 3 Major Ways

Out there in the throngs of Black-Friday-style shoppers, finding the perfect gift may seem like a nightmare to some. While the new iPhone, electronic gadget, or 50% off sale may seem enticing and generous, you may be simply falling into the same old trap of consumerism over substance that so many of us in the western world succumb to year after year.

Giving the gift of yourself may simply be overlooked because of feelings of self-doubt, worry, or low expectations of yourself. Even so, when you truly give from the heart, it becomes a gift that keeps on giving. Perhaps instead of that new shiny present, you could wrap yourself up and present it this year.

Here are three major ways that you can gift yourself to others this holiday season:

The Gift of your Attention

By focusing your attention on your loved ones, whether through holiday parties, a snuggle on the couch, or a holiday adventure, you’re giving the priceless gift of yourself. This can be especially true if you may be going through challenging financial times right now.

Create a memorable Christmas cookie making party with your family and friends. Create holiday cards together to exchange with each other. Grab a sled and find the closest sledding hill nearby with hot cocoa to follow. Give your attention to those you hold dearly in your heart and watch as their light brightens each time they are with you.

The Gift of Showing Up

Sometimes we forget how important it is to be present. And when you give the gift of showing up as your authentic, true self more often than not, you’ll discover a vital part of you that was missing in your daily routine. When you show up for your loved ones, this becomes a gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Visit with your grandparents or grandchildren whom you’ve not seen for a while. Instead of bringing the old baggage of the past with you, allow yourself to listen and be heard. Showing up in your life and giving the gift of your presence allows you to stay tapped into your Inner Source and shine it forth for those closest to you.

The Gift of Consistency

In addition to the above options, when you are consistent with your attention and showing up with your authentic self, you’re creating a habit that will last well beyond the holiday season. And this gift of consistency is a great way to treat yourself as well. When you are true to your heart and spirit, every part of you is nourished as your new generous nature continues to bubble forth throughout your days.

Call your mom every week, or gather for a regular dinner with your close friends and family. Be gracious by consistently giving thanks and praise to your children. Recognize the unique and special light that shines in the heart of every person you meet, even if you happen to disagree with them.

When you give the gifts of your attention, showing up authentically, and being consistent, you’re not only setting yourself up for a joyful and triumphant holiday season, you are building and strengthening bonds with your loved ones. So choose one or all of these major gifts this season and step up into the best you you can give. You’ll be even more thankful and festive when you do.

Blessed celebrations to you!

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