Bestow to the World the Gift of You


Bestow to the World the Gift of You
by BlackLion

How often do you take time for contemplation? When you find something you enjoy, do you revel in the emotion or do you feel somewhat guilty for having such a thought? Skip the whole “good” and “bad” labeling for now and leave judgment aside. Discernment is a better option.

In what ways do you honor your own inner guidance?

So what’s so important about your passions anyway? Do they pay the bills, feed the kids, or get you to work on time? Why not? I’m not suggesting you drop everything and forget all that you have now. Instead, take 5 minutes out of your day for a meditation under the stars or a silent walk through the sun-dappled forest. Schedule time for reflection and you’ll connect more and more deeply to your passions. Your life will begin to transform with every intention you make.

Spelunk deep and delve into where your true passions grow.

So why do this in the first place? When you are present and focused on your passions, the world will rejoice and support you. Determination, conviction, and resilience are all staples of a well-intended being. Sure, there may be resistance, especially if you buck your current trend and start taking care of yourself in a different way.

When you are following your intentions, you’ll see the world in a different light. You’ll begin to notice the gifts that have been all around you the whole time, encouraging you to become more. The universe will keep making a new now, so get on board with your inner Self and be present for fresh opportunities to strive forward and become who you came here to be.

Only you can take your next step, the question is, who is guiding it, you or some other?

So now that you’re going with your passionate flow, how do you share your gifts? Are you the best entrepreneur in your field? Do you thrive around children and community? Are you more hands on, creating sculptures, paintings, or inventions? Whatever may be your calling, do it with joy in your heart and a passion for discovery.

Your eternalness begets a new opportunity in the new now. Step up!

You are perfect just as you are and getting better and better. Why fuss about the past or sweat over the future? The present moment is all that you have and it keeps on changing with every new rendezvous, intense emotion, and enticing thought. How do you choose to take your next step?

For me, I share my passions by writing about them, offering them to the public via street and stage performance, and by being in community. When I am genuinely myself, I have found that I can share my gifts of joy, love, laughter, good humor, and connection. By taking the time to listen to myself and follow through on my own advice, I move forward with intention and purpose. You can do it too! Blessings!


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