Getting Back on Track with Guided Meditations

Getting Back on Track with Guided Meditations
by Starcat

Life can get overwhelming at times, especially for those of us who are, well, sensitive types. Sometimes it’s because of the sheer amount of things we do each week. Keeping up with all of it can become an endless stream of tasks, with no breaks for rest or contemplation. Other times we might fall into a lull – maybe we’re a bit depressed or not feeling physically well, and it’s hard to see the bigger picture. In either scenario, it can be our spiritual connection that gets set aside, often just when we need it most.

Meditation is one of the most basic restorative practices available to us. Giving yourself the gift of stillness and contemplation is healing beyond measure.

Yet when you’re already overwhelmed, meditation can seem like a chore or even an impossibility. It’s hard to sit still. Your mind won’t stop spinning, and the voices in your head are chattering at a non-stop pace. These are the times when I’ve found guided meditations of greatest value. They are helpful tools for immersing yourself in your inner world.

Choose an audio meditation that focuses on what you desire – stress relief, centering, or healing, perhaps. Most of them have soothing music in the background, which will help you to relax. There are lots of guided meditations available online, and many websites will offer you a free sample, so you can get a sense of what you’re getting before you make a purchase. If you don’t know where to start, look for guided meditations by teachers you admire. I really like the Abraham-Hicks Getting Into the Vortex CD, and BlackLion has been enjoying meditations from The Silva Method.

The hardest part can be making time to actually do the guided meditation. Try various times of day to see what works best for you. Start with just before bedtime. You’ll probably fall asleep during the meditation, but that’s okay. Try doing a guided meditation in the morning, preferably on your day off. Take a few minutes in the afternoon or early evening. It probably goes without saying, but don’t try to do them while you’re driving!

Let yourself relax fully during the meditation, and follow the gentle guidance. If you have trouble seeing what’s being described, let go. There’s no need to push or struggle. Just go with the flow. Visualization can require some practice. The key is that you’re taking time to focus within.

Let guided meditations be a restful, nurturing aid as you return your focus to your own unique spiritual path. Spirituality isn’t just for holidays or special moments. It’s part of your inner guidance, an uplifting companion to your daily experience of life. It can be joyful and easy, a way to nurture yourself. If you feel a bit disconnected or off-track, use guided meditations to ease back into living your life on purpose.

Feline Dreamers also offers guided meditations. You can listen to a complimentary meditation and order Guided Meditations for Self-Care on CD or mp3 here.

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