Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Getting Back into the Swing of Things
by BlackLion

Finding a way to get back into the swing of things can be challenging. With a change of schedule or routine, we can often find ourselves out of sorts to some degree. Even if the changes we experience are positive ones, they can keep us from getting back to tasks that we want to accomplish.

So what can we do to refocus our attention on our projects?

Reprioritize. Perhaps what we have found important to accomplish in the past may no longer ring true now. Find the top few items that you really want to finish and put those at the top of your updated list. Then begin working on them.

Remove Distractions. For many of us, the internet, television, and other media can become quite the distraction. Turn them off, put your project in front of you and take the next step toward its completion.

Inspiration. Try to focus your energy on why you wanted to accomplish these tasks in the first place. What was the impetus for starting these duties and what can you do to reinvigorate yourself to finish them? If you can find the spark, they will be much easier to accomplish.

Ask For Help. Ask a friend or loved one to help motivate you. You could ask them to remind you of why it is important to you, or have them check in once in a while to see how it is going. By allowing others to give you a boost, you can get tasks done more easily. Remember to be kind, though, especially when you are feeling a bit reluctant.