Forward Momentum

Since our last update we have been busy little fae, working on many aspects of Feline Dreamers.

As you may have noticed, we have been adding more blog entries. We’ve also been working on ideas for an e-book that we’ll be offering soon.

The book for our 30-Day Core Belief kit is coming along great. We only have Day 30 and the introduction left to finish! We’ve scheduled some studio time next week with our friend JWL of Crafted Recordings (, to get started on recording the audio for the guided meditations.

The newly updated website should be up and running soon. We received some awesome feline artwork from our friend Max (, and will be incorporating it into the site’s new look. It’s so cool to have our own logo!

We now have a Feline Dreamers presence on Facebook and Twitter, and we will be launching our brand-new weekly e-zine, Dream Journal, when the website is ready to go.

So much to do, and we’re certainly having fun doing it! We hope you’ll keep in touch, and enjoy some of our new offerings. We wish you creative energy in your life!

Starcat and BlackLion