Focusing on You

When doing spiritual work, be sure to take time to focus on yourself in a kind and generous way. Look at the positive qualities you embody and the creativity and skills you bring to your daily life. Sometimes it can be a challenge to see the best in you, because you’re always trying to improve yourself and learn to be “better.” Yet you are an amazing being! Cherish yourself as you would a beloved family member or friend.

Here are some fun ways to celebrate and take care of yourself:

  • Schedule a “me day.” Take yourself out to brunch, get a massage, and go see a movie, or simply sit in your favorite chair and read a book.
  • Soak in a warm bubble bath or take a long hot shower, just because it feels good. Then get in your most comfortable pajamas and enjoy a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Savor it.
  • Exercise! Not the kind that bores you, but something you really enjoy. Take a walk or a swim, dance around the kitchen, or go cross-country skiing. Notice how you feel during and after moving your body.
  • Write a love note to yourself. Thank your body, mind, and spirit for all that they do, and expound upon all the wonderful things you’ve accomplished. Keep it by your bedside so you can re-read it at the end of a challenging day.
  • Meditate on your breath, or find a recorded meditation to guide you. Sit comfortably and let your thoughts drift by like puffy white clouds in the distance. Connecting with your inner be-ing is but one breath away.