Focus Your Intentions

Focus Your Intentions
by BlackLion

As I focus, so shall I receive. When we put our attention onto anything, we give it power. We encourage it to continue by offering our energy to it. What are you focusing on right now? Breathe into the present moment and enjoy the sensation of awareness. You are a gift. Share your gratitude freely.

Living in the present moment creates a connection to your inner source. You can creatively express your life or choose to allow others to create it for you. Wherever you put your attention, you bring more of that energy towards you. If you want more fighting, keep fighting. If you want more peace, remain at peace.

Life is a joyful journey, a way for you to explore the world around you on this physical plane. What have you always wanted to do? Move in that direction by thought, word, and deed. Imagine what your life will be like, and then feel it in the present. You can do anything you put your heart into.

Blessings on your blossoming path!