Focus on Your Intentions

Aine_Pania_Puddin_Face Doing what Aine and Star focus on best!

Doing what Aine and Star focus on best!

Focus on Your Intentions
by Brent BlackLion Nelson

How often do you actually focus on your intentions? You know, the ones you might have incorporated into resolutions, or a phrase you might have chosen during a yoga class last year. Do you truly take the time to do the activities that lift you up to that awesome-feeling place?

What does honoring your intentions have to do with focus? Just giving lip service or doing it one day and not picking it up again for a week or month or more is not really focusing. So, dedication is an important aspect of focusing on your intentions. Make them a consistent part of your life! Setting up a time each day to focus on what is really important to you is a valuable way to honor yourself.

So why should you focus on your intentions in the first place? We all get busy, whether with family, work, adventures, or trying to fit in some sleep. Your intentions, the direction your heart is calling you towards all the time, are the cornerstone for developing your life into one that is more than just palatable, but a smorgasbord of brilliant experiences.

Every day, every moment is a new one, regardless of all the other ones that have passed or are yet to occur. By adding practices that enhance your life, by focusing tangibly on your dreams, you’re changing the course of history. Tapping into spirit is the way to change the world, one heart at a time.

Letting yourself really focus on what matters to you is setting yourself up for success, happiness, and love. When you value yourself, you are letting the Universe know that you matter to You. Simple practices such as meditation, vision boarding, dancing, rampages of appreciation and focus wheels, among many other techniques, get you into that high-up connection to your spirit.

So go for it! Put personal focus time into your schedule. Even as little as five minutes per day will begin the transformative journey toward living the life of your dreams. If you are unclear about what your intentions are or they are a bit fuzzy right now, make an intention for more clarity. Give yourself the gift of intention and further, the action steps of focus. These are easy and fulfilling ways to make your dream life an actuality. Blessings!

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